Singapore has a visible transgender community and is one of the Asian countries that are more open and accepting toward its members. There are many informative platforms that offer tips for transgender dating in Singapore, both to transgender people and heterosexuals who are interested in dating them. We summarize the most important ones in this short article.

Call your Partner by their Preferred Pronoun and Name

Most non-binary and trans people in the country are affected adversely by being classified in the wrong gender and find it emotionally exhausting to have to correct people. By no means disagree with them as regards gender identity. If you misgender someone, apologize and make a note of it for the future.

The vast majority of trans people arrange dates after meeting someone online. There’s no overlooking the safety a computer screen provides! Still, and despite the fact that Singaporean society has become very accepting of such relationships, trans people are often victims of personal attacks. These can be physical or online.  This is an important fact to keep in mind, as is knowing what you are looking for in a partner. Are you bi or only interested in same-sex? Serious relationship or fling? Browse different sites and take a look around if you’re unsure.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time Chatting

It’s normal to want to get to know the person you’re going to meet at one point, and chatting online is a good and safe way to do so, but it shouldn’t go on forever. You’re not gaining anything by putting the actual face to face meeting off indefinitely. When you meet, it should always be in daylight and in public – again, to ensure the safety of both parties.

Protect your Identity Online

Filter your pictures. Do not post revealing photos or photos that make it easy to identify you, such as pictures of you in a company uniform or wearing company ID, pictures where people can see your tattoos, and visible street signs. Some backgrounds are easily traced, and you never know who’s looking at your photos, especially if they are public.